ADVERTISE WITH US! is the fabulous, super legal online accompaniment to Total Sao Paulo: A Guide to the Unexpected travel book by Unhinged Jaw Press. By requesting our media kit, you’ll see what we can offer you, and through this, what you can offer to our massive online readership.

Just from the looks of the site, you can immediately see we’re different. We’re bringing a new concept on travel to jetsetters and locals looking for the inside track on Sao Paulo. Also:

We have media power. Since the site’s launch alongside the book’s release last year, we’ve gotten flattering attention from the Los Angeles Times, TimeOut, Budget Travel,,, TAM airlines’ in-flight magazine, Virgula, ErikaPalomino, Revista Folha and a gazillion other renowned publications.

We have content. We separate ourselves from other Sao Paulo sites by being simply into what we do. We don’t recycle our content. Our editor and writers come from professional backgrounds, so our reviews are written in a way that’s concise, entertaining and accurate.

We are the authority. That’s because we’ve been doing this behind the scenes for a few years now. Our editor/book author has been writing about Sao Paulo for foreign creative professionals on major blog sites and is associated as the go-to person for all things hip, hop and pop (culture) about the fifth-largest metropolis.

Contact us for a full media kit and price quote on the spaces we have available below (currently A, B and D—other areas to come soon!).