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"Well-curated and from an insider's perspective, every guidebook on a major metropolis should be like Total Sao Paulo... It's an inspiring take on the city..." —

"We expect it’ll be an indispensable source of inspiration for those who want to discover the city behind the city..." —

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From hidden bars with $2.50 caipirinhas to the steamiest clubs, from tiny vintage boutiques to massive street markets, this authoritative and indispensable guidebook on Sao Paulo covers everything the independent traveler needs to know about Brazil's biggest, baddest cidade.

Adventurers are led through a rigorously edited list of Sao Paulo's locally adored restaurants, art spaces, boutiques, street fairs, bars, clubs, and other can't-miss sights—from the city's Red Light District and "graffiti gardens" to Sao Paulo own Little Tokyo.

Total Sao Paulo: A Guide to the Unexpected is a speedy, saucy travel reference unlike any other about Brazil or South America on the shelves today.

What you'll find inside:

* 176 full-color pages detailing the best bars, restaurants, shops, and sights in 10 neighborhoods
* 11 colored maps that are elegant, informational, and easy to read
* 17 interviews with Sao Paulo VIPs who give the inside scoop on the city's top spots
* An array of art of illustrations that capture the feel of a 'hood before you hit it
* Full-page features illuminating each area's most famous—and infamous—digs
* A handy glossary of Brazilian slang—tá ligado?